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From drug store finds to Sephora orders, my views, opinions, and reviews on the latest in the beauty product world! Today is Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Benefit: Coralista Blush


I'll admit, being a fair-skinned red head, the look of this blush scared me at first. It looked so bright on the website that I was sure it would make me look like a clown...but I ordered it anyway. Turns out there is nothing to fear here! This blush goes on subtle, but you can build it up if need be. It gives me the perfect flush when I just quickly swipe my brush over it. I've seen this blush on olive and copper skintones and it looks a-maze-ing. It now rivals my Georgia Peach, which was my #1 before. So I balance them by wearing Peach when I play up my eyes more, and Coralista when I have a more neutral eye.



Smashbox: 'Girls Night Out' Trio


This post is a quicky, but more will be coming in the future (and hopefully not months apart!). I have a ton of new products that I need to review! Ack!

I acquired this trio from a lovely popple as well, and use the shimmery bronze a lot in everyday wear. This is just one look I like to create:

After applying UD's Eyeprimer Potion, I applied the golden tone on the inner corner of my eyelid using a regular eyeshadow brush. Then I applied it on my inner, lower lash-line using a smudge brush.

Next, I use a crease brush to fill in the rest of my lid with the shimmery brown shadow. Then I take the regular shadow brush and blend the two so there isn't such an obvious line between the shadows. I now finish lining the lower lash-line with the smudge brush and brown shadow.

To make the brown cream liner softer so that it glides easier across my eyelid, I like to stick my finger (clean of course!) on top and just hold it there for about 30 seconds. This warms it and makes it much easier to apply! I used an angled-liner brush to line just my upper lash-line.

Cap it off with two coats of black mascara (Benefit's BadGal Lash) and done!


Smashbox: Twilight & Hot Date Trios


It's been forever since I've done a post! Darn life! Here are a couple of quick reviews of some Smashbox eyeshadow trios I've come to own.

The first trio is 'Hot Date.' I acquired this eyeshadow from a wonderful popple who was doing some spring cleaning :D This trio contains a shimmery golden champagne, a light eggplant with microglitter, and a dark eggplant cream liner. I use this trio all the time, but the following picture isn't of my eyes. One of my darling friends let me do her eyeshadow, and this trio went perfect with her eye color and skin tone. However, I thought the golden champagne didn't match her skin as well as the champagne shadow 'Sin' by Urban Decay. After covering her entire lid in eye-primer potion and a light layer of Sin, I used a crease brush to slowly start layering the light eggplant on her outer crease. As I added more color, I kept blending it towards the middle of her eye - just a little bit at a time. Once I had the desired color, I used an angled liner brush to line her eyes with the cream eggplant liner.

Falling in love with this trio [and another that was sent, which I'll post about later :) ] I just had to purchase another! The 'Twilight' trio caught my eye because of the shimmery silver, but actually use the matte black to line my eyes with every day! In the following pictures, I started off with eye primer potion and  light layer of the shimmery silver over the entire lid. To make the black shimmery, I lightly swirled my crease brush in the silver before swirling it in the black. I applied this at the outer corner of my eye and blended inward. Then I used a smudge brush to apply a light, silver lining on my lower lash line. To finish off, I lined with a liquid liner and two coats of mascara!


Pretty in Pink


So the weather around here has been crazily warm for this time of year. It made me want to do a fresh, springy look. I have just fallen in love with the MAC eyeshadow Sweet Lust. It's shimmery with some micro-glitter in it, but the glitter isn't all "oh look at me I have glitter all over my face," it's much more subtle. I've been using this eyeshadow a lot lately as a default shade when I'm not sure what I want to do or am in a hurry.

A closer look:

On the eye (please ignore the mascara boo-boo above my crease, haha):

As you can also tell from these pics, my allergies are kickin my butt! My eyes have been itchy and watery for a couple of weeks now, boo!

Ok anyway, with this shadow I paired Benefit's Her Glossiness in "Who Are You Wearing?" [which is in the buh-bye section on Benefit's website for only $9.00!!] 

When people first see this shade in my gloss bag, they always wonder why I want such a bright color gloss. But as you can see, it doesn't apply as dark or bright as it looks. It gives the lips just a hint of pink. Love love love it.

To finish it all off, I applied Benefit's Georgia Peach along my cheeks bones and on the apples, then used MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in Lighscapade to highlight.

I can't wait for summer to get here!


Champagne & Purple


I wore this combination for New Years Eve and loved it!
First I used the UD Eyeprimer Potion on my eyelids and put a light vanilla shadow as a base over it. Then I applied two light layers of Sin, a shimmering champagne, from the UD Ammo Palette. Next I lined my upper water line with my black Sephora Eyeliner #91, then lined my upper lash line and lower outter lash line with the UD 24/7 Eyeliner in 1999. I capped it off with two coats of mascara, but then decided I wanted to add a little punch. So I used a smudge brush and placed a little bit of Maui Wowie [a sandy sheen also from the UD Ammo Palette] on the inner corners and blended it out slightly. It's hard to see in the pic, but for me it made the look complete!


Neutral Gold Eye


I really like to do this eye around the holidays because it's still neutral, but at the same time still adds a little punch and shimmer. I start off using the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion on my entire lid, then using my Sephora Eyeshadow Brush, blend a light layer of Shiseido's Shimmershell from lash line to crease. Then I *barely* run the brush over MAC Shadow in Amber Lights. You have to be careful with this color because it is very highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way [unless you are going for a bolder look]. I lightly blend the gold from lash line to crease, adding layers until I have the amount of gold I want. Next, I take the Sephora Flat Eyeliner Brush, run it through the gold, and line my lower lash line. I finish up by lining my upper lid with TheBalm Pick-Up Liner in Don Juan, smudge it with a smudge brush, and coat my lashes with Sephora's Atomic Volume Mascara.


Blue/Black Smokey Eye


I did this eye the other night when going out and really liked it! I used the Urban Decay Amo Palette: Oil Slick [black with rainbow glitter] and Shattered [bright iridescent aquamarine]. Can you tell I use Oil Slick to line my eyes all the time? lol! Shattered definitely doesn't look the same on the eye as it does in the palette. When you look at it in the palette, it lookes like it's going to be a soft shimmery blue. However, on the eye it's an awesome aquamarine color that reminds me of mermaids. For this look, I first applied UD Eye Primer Potion. Then I put a light layer of Shattered over my entire lid. Using a crease brush loaded with Oil Slick, I slowly started smudging from my outer corner towards the middle of my eye. The flash seems to drown out the black, but it looked much darker in person. I also smudged some of the Oil Slick on the outer 3/4 of my lower lash line. A quick curl and two coats of mascara, and I was finished!


Fun Look with Pop Beauty Palette in Lid Neon


I reviewed the Pop Beauty Lid Neon Palette a few posts back, when I was doing fun experimental things on one of my friends eyes. I felt like doing something fun with my eyes today, so I pulled out this palette. All I did was swipe some of the pink in my crease and blend the green up from my lash line into the crease. I took two pictures of the final eye in two different lighting situations, but I don't think it made much of a difference with the shadow. Very simple, and I received a lot of compliments when out and about today!


Another Favorite: Laura Geller Eye Stay Duo in Champagne/Mocha


This is another staple eyeshadow I always have to have in my makeup case! This eyeshadow is awesome! I don't need to use the Urban Decay Eye Primer under it because it truly stays put all day long no matter what. It blends very easily in its cream phase, and when it dries it still has a nice sheen to it. I like the Champagne/Mocha duo because it enhances my eye color, as well as the Gold Leaf/Antique Bronze duo. I'll coat my lids with the Champagne by dabbing a bit at the center of my eye and patting it outwards with my finger. Then I'll trace a line of the Mocha on the outer part of the crease, then pat it again with my finger to blend and lighten the color. They are quick and easy to use! Love em!


Too Faced Candy Bars in "Tropical Truffle"


This is one of my favorite palettes in my makeup case! It's very versatile and you can create so many different looks with it. In these photos, I've used the lavendar on my lids, the beige lavender in my crease, and the dark brown on the outer corners.

Pigment: Light and shimmery
Blendability: 8 out of 10
Staying Power: 9 out of 10
Buildable: Very, you can do one layer for a very light shimmer of color, or several layers for a darker color.

I like to use the peach on the lid and the dark brown around the outer corners and smudged along my lashlines for a neutral smokey eye. The beige and lavender is very pretty when combined together, and the dark brown makes a great smokey eye when used all over the lid and smudged onto the lower lash line. Another thing about this palette I like is that it's shimmer, but not overly so. I know the flash makes it look ultra shimmery, but in normal lighting it's very subtle and work appropriate!

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